Dr. Nataliya V. Serdyukova

College of Letters and Sciences
Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Nataliya Serdyukova is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences since 2002. Has PhD in Applied Physics. Lead faculty of all Physics classes.

Classes taught:
PHS 102 Survey of Physical Science
PHS 104 Introductory Physics
PHS 104A Introductory Physics Lab
PHS 171 General Physics 1
PHS 172 General Physics 2
PHS 173 General Physics 3
PHS 179 Physics Lab and other classes, as well as
MTH 012A Beginning Algebra I
MTH 012B Beginning Algebra II
MTH 204 Mathematics for Business and Science
MTH 210 Theory of Probability and Statistics,
MTH 215 College Algebra and Trigonometry
MTH 300A Structure and Concepts of Mathematical Fundamentals I
MTH 311 Topics from Geometry

Before coming to National University, Dr. Serdyukova worked as an Associate Professor at Kiev Polytechnic Institute – National Technical university of Ukraine in the Department of general Physics and Physics of Solid State.

Research interests embrace Physics of Thin Solid Metallic Films, Methodology of Teaching Physics, Adult education and Accelerated Learning.

Major publications:

-Serdyukova, N. (2015). What does indirect assessment tell us? Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching, 8(1), pp. 167-178.

-Serdyukova, N., Subbotin, I. ( 2014). Teaching General Physics: Innovative Instructional Models and Their Fuzzy Logic Evaluation. International Journal of Applications of Fuzzy Sets and Artificial Intelligence, 4, 187-202.

-Lysenko, M., Lutai, A., Serdyukova, N. (2013). Interpretation of the Concept of Photon in College Physics Course. Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching, 6(1), pp. 87-96.

-Serdyukov, P. and Serdyukova, N. (2012). Time as Factor of Success in Online Learning. Journal of Information Technology and Application in Education. 1 (2). 40-46.

-Serdyukov, P., Serdyukova, N., Amin, M., Dey, P. (2012) Sustainability of Engineering via Sustainable Education. Conference proceedings of XIII IACEE World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education (WCCEE 2012), May 17-19, 2012, Valencia, Spain, 16 pages.

-Serdyukova, N. (2010). Repetition, iteration and retention in learning. Proceedings of 8th International Research Conference “History of science, technology and education”, Kiev, Ukraine, 60-62.

-Serdyukova, N. (2008). Accelerated General Physics: Real Challenges and Possible
solutions. Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching, 1(1), 2008, 95-112.

-Serdyukova, N., and Serdyukov, P. (2006). Adult learners in an online college class: Combining efficiency and convenience of e-learning. Education for the 21st century – impact of ICT and digital resources. New York: Springer, 205-214.

Contact Details

College of Letters and Sciences
(858) 642-8578