Dr. Ana Maria Barral

College of Letters and Sciences
Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Ana Maria Barral is Assistant Professor at National University’s Costa Mesa campus. Originally a Biochemist, she has transitioned from cancer research to cell biology and microbiology. Her Ph.D. thesis focused on malignant melanoma, while her postdoctoral research explored a viral model of type 1 diabetes. After a few years working in the biotech industry she decided to return to academia as a full time educator. She is passionate about scientific teaching and is a participant in a number of research based course initiatives, such as the Genomics Education Partnership, the Small World Initiative, and the GCAT-SEEK consortium. Ana Barral is currently a Biology Scholar in the ASM Research Residency 2015 cohort.

Current Research Interests

Ana Barral is actively involved in incorporating authentic research experiences in science courses, often involving environmental samples and metagenomic analysis.
Her current research project focuses on the study of microbes attaching to plastic debris in the ocean.

Selected publications

Barral, AM, Makhluf, H, Soneral, P, Gasper B. 2014. Small World Initiative: crowdsourcing research of new antibiotics to enhance undergraduate biology teaching (618.41) FASEB J April 2014 28:618.41

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