PHS232 Calculus-based Physics 2

Course Description

Calculus-based physics course. Intended for Science majors and Engineering students. Study of different types of oscillations and wave motion, electrostatics with electric field calculations for continuous charge distribution, Gauss's law, electric potential due to any charge distribution, electric energy storage with applications, electric currents and resistance, magnetism and magnetic field, electromagnetic induction and transmission of power, DC and AC circuits, Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic waves.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain wave propagation using knowledge of oscillations.
  • Explain the behavior of charged particles with different distributions.
  • Develop necessary skills to calculate electric circuits with any type of connections of resistors and batteries and for RC and LC circuits.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the laws describing magnetic fields in magnetic materials including hysteresis.
  • Apply Faraday's law of induction to explain the production of electric current.
  • Demonstrate clear understanding of Maxwell's equations.
  • Develop critical thinking explaining the behavior of electromagnetic waves and their speed from Maxwell's equations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental physical laws through interpretation of everyday phenomena.