FSC662 Supervised Research Project

Lead Faculty: Dr. Ismail M. Sebetan

Course Description

Students select a viable topic in forensic science to research. Students meet with their instructor once a week for two months. Students will also be able to get guidance from the forensic lead faculty and other forensic staff throughout the entire process of the research. Grading is H, S, or U nly. Course is eligible for In Progress (IP) grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a research question.
  • Formulate a testable research hypothesis.
  • Conduct a literature review.
  • Describe an appropriate research methodology to answer the research question.
  • Collect and analyze data.
  • Draw conclusions and make recommendations based on the available data.
  • Make an oral presentation of research findings.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical issues surrounding the collection and reporting of research data.
  • Understand the role research plays in the development of forensic science.
  • Describe how diversity issues may influence choice of research topics, research methodology, and the application of research findings to the justice system.