FSC631 Major Case Investigation

Lead Faculty: Dr. Ismail M. Sebetan

Course Description

A study of investigative techniques that are utilized in felony crimes of violence and crimes against property, including homicide, rape, arson, assault and battery, robbery, burglary and grand theft. Examines the completion of such cases from initial crime scene through investigation and adjunction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a realistic and broader perspective of theories, techniques, and practices that apply to virtually all investigations.
  • Explain the intrinsic factor to all successful investigations that is more art than science, and that a course of advanced study must finally be discussed in terms of precepts, rather than rigid methods, despite the methodical and exhausting treatment of a particular case.
  • Describe methods of investigation, crime scene processing, interview and interrogations, development of informants, development of sources of information, surveillance, undercover operations, and specific offense investigation.
  • Describe the investigator's role in court.
  • Describe the use of scientific methods in investigations.
  • Describe the organization and facilities of an investigative unit.