CHE150 Introductory Organic Chemistry

Lead Faculty: Dr. Dzung T. Nguyen

Course Description

Introduction to the fundamentals of organic chemistry. This course covers the properties and reactions of hydrocarbons and their functional groups, aromatic compounds, and biological molecules. Special efforts are made in demonstrating the interrelationship between organic chemistry and other areas of science, particularly biological, health, and environmental sciences.

Learning Outcomes

  • Draw the Lewis structure and predict chemical properties for various functional groups.
  • Write the resonance structures and judge the order of stability for these structures.
  • Apply the concepts of acid/base and nucleophile/electrophile to predict a chemical reaction.
  • Recognize constitution (structural) isomers, configuration isomers, conformation isomers, and stereoisomers, and explain the difference in chemical and physical properties among these compounds.
  • Predict reaction mechanisms for each of the functional groups.
  • Draw molecular structures of important classes of biological molecules.