CHE142 General Chemistry 2

Lead Faculty: Dr. Dzung T. Nguyen

Course Description

Second course of general chemistry, covering: bonding, solutions, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acids/bases, and thermodynamics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine the rate of a reaction and its dependence on concentration, time, and temperature.
  • Explain reaction mechanisms and how they lead to rate laws.
  • Determine whether equilibrium has been established and calculate equilibrium concentrations and use LeChatelier's Principle to predict the effects of concentration, pressure and temperature changes on equilibrium mixtures.
  • Apply the principles of equilibrium to aqueous systems.
  • Explain and perform calculations with the thermodynamic functions, enthalpy, entropy, free energy.
  • Balance oxidation-reduction reactions.
  • Describe the construction and operation of galvanic and electrolytic electrochemical cells.
  • Describe the bonding and properties of transition metal coordination compounds.
  • Explain nuclear decay processes and their rates.
  • Explain general properties of major organic functional groups and biological molecules.