BIO610 Seminar in Molecular Biology

Lead Faculty: Dr. Michael R. Maxwell

Course Description

Discussion of the structure, function, and synthesis of DNA, RNA, and proteins, and of the roles of macromolecules in the regulation of information in the cell. Students examine research topics at the level of the molecule.

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate a topic in biology at the molecular level for a species, taxon, or clade.
  • Relate the topic to a subdiscipline within molecular biology, such as genomics, proteonomics, genetics, virology, biotechnology.
  • Investigate a research question in peer-reviewed and primary literature in molecular biology.
  • Evaluate peer-reviewed and primary literature in molecular biology, with attention to unresolved questions.
  • Link concepts in molecular biology to a higher level of biological organization, such as cellular or organismal biology.
  • Communicate research findings in written and oral formats.