BIO450 Natural History of California

Lead Faculty: Dr. Michael R. Maxwell

Course Description

Study of the flora, fauna, and biomes of California. This course includes field trips, with sites selected for each academic center within the University.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss common and distinctive plant and animal species in California.
  • Identify at least 20 animal and 20 plant species that are native and/or endemic to California.
  • Describe the biotic and abiotic features of California's biomes.
  • Describe montane habitats and biomes in California, including the Sierra Nevada and Coastal Ranges.
  • Describe freshwater and coastal marine habitats in California.
  • Describe major terrestrial habitats and biomes in California, including the Central Valley, chaparral, and deserts.
  • Discuss the major federal and state reserves and parks in California.