BIO253A Environmental Microbiology Lab

Lead Faculty: Dr. Huda Makhluf

Course Description

Laboratory techniques with regard to sampling, handling, and identifying microbes. Identification of microbes by various methods, including staining. Preparation of cultures, proper transfer and incubation protocols, and aseptic techniques. Selected characteristics of microbes, such as fermentation and culture growth, are studied. Environmental sampling for water, air, and solid matter samples.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proper use of compound light microscope.
  • Identify various kinds of prokaryotic microbes.
  • Identify various kinds of eukaryotic microbes.
  • Demonstrate proper conduct of staining protocols.
  • Demonstrate proper protocols for preparing and handling microbe cultures.
  • Incubate microbe cultures.
  • Demonstrate proper aseptic techniques
  • Design and conduct sampling for microbes in water.
  • Design and conduct sampling for microbes in air.
  • Design and conduct sampling for microbes in solid matter.