Dr. Wanda G. Addison

College of Letters and Sciences
Arts and Humanities

Wanda G. Addison is an Associate Professor of Literature, and earned her B.A. in English (focus in Romantic and Victorian Literature) from Christian Brother College in Memphis, TN; her M.A. in English (focus in American Literature) from the University of Memphis; and her Ph.D. in English (focus in Folklore, Women’s Studies, and American Literature) from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. At NU, Dr. Addison teaches in both the B.A. and M.A. English programs, including the capstone classes for both programs. She is currently course lead for FFL 100, a foundations for college success and learning course she created to support retention efforts and assist NU students in making a successful transition to the university.

As a trained Folklorist, Dr. Addison’s teaching and research interests include personal narrative, storytelling, Intangible Cultural Heritage, discourse analysis, and performance studies. Specific to literature, her teaching and research interests include James Baldwin, the Harlem Renaissance, Zora Neale Hurston, Women’s Studies, and African American literature and literary tradition. Issues of race, class, gender, and identity intersect both areas, and Dr. Addison often analyzes those intersections in her interdisciplinary research and writing. She has published several book reviews, presented her work at both national and international conferences, contributed to Writing African American Women: An Encyclopedia of Literature By and About Women of Color, and has a forthcoming article in Material Culture Review entitled Black History Month Programs: Performance and Heritage.

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