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Teresa Rinaldi

Teresa Rinaldi is an Assistant Professor of Spanish in the College of Letters and Sciences at National University, La Jolla, California. She teaches on-site at the San Diego region campuses and also on-line courses. Previous to this role, she served as Visiting Assistant Professor at Guilford College, Greensboro, North Carolina. She also taught at Sanger Middle School in Texas and graduate courses at the University of North Texas and University of California, Merced. At National University, she currently serves as Lead Faculty for on-site Spanish San Diego Region and Lead Faculty for General Education Spanish and on-site and on-line course reviewer.

Born in Rosario, Argentina, she received her first Bachelor's Degree from Profesorado Nacional de Musica (violin), Rosario, Argentina. She continued her education at the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas where she obtained her certificate in English from the Intensive Language Institute at UNT and her Bachelor’s in Spanish and Music from the same university. She received her Doctorate in Philosophy, World Cultures, Latin American Literature from the University of California, Merced, California.

Her research agenda includes: Nikkei cultural production in Latin America, Music performances and cultural productions, Gender Studies, Caribbean Women literature, Photography and Literature and Hispanic Films from Spain and Latin America. She has published a variety of articles about: Nikkei literature and film in Brazil and Argentina, African American roots in Argentina, the perception of good and evil, Musicals as a form of discourse and women in power (Eva Peron). She is regularly schedule to present national and international conferences. Educational leadership, research interests and educational background, have made her present in institutions of higher education as well as High Schools and Middle Schools locally and internationally. She was recently selected to participate in the Japanese Summer Institute, University of Hawaii, Manoa, for a three week intensive course in Japanese Culture. Her latest presentations include “Women in Power” and “Political discourses through musicals” at the Universidad del Noreste, at Corrientes city and Resistencia, Province of Chaco, Argentina “Literature and Photography” in Buta Ranquil High School, Neuquen Province, Argentina.