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Dr. Laine Goldman is a full-­-time Associate Professor and General Education Communication Lead Faculty in the Department of Arts and Humanities at National University in La Jolla, California. She received a dual Master’s Degree in Film and Telecommunications from Ohio University and a doctorate in Social and Behavioral Science from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. With a commercial background in advertising and public relations, screenwriting, strategic writing, film, and media studies – she is comfortable helping students navigate the rapidly changing multimedia workforce.

Dr. Laine Goldman

Laine is an award-­-winning writer, researcher, media practitioner, educator, and inquisitive social scientist developing targeted multicultural communication and media for business and education. She approaches organizational transformation appreciatively, encouraging high-­-level collaboration, improvisation, and inviting teambuilding. Her voice echoes the 21st-­-century shift toward intergenerational creative work teams, innovative entrepreneurship, and freelance practices. Doctoral dissertation, The Migrant Creative: US Media at the Border of a Changing Work Culture, explores new media and entrepreneurial work through conversations with eleven multimedia freelancers (Wake Forest Digital Publishing, 2014). Research intersects media, the workforce, organizational change, creativity, interpersonal and intercultural communication, multimedia storytelling, Appreciative Inquiry, and Social Construction.

Recent Papers, Presentations and Affiliations:

Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Research: The Liminal Freelance Landscape: Geography, Proximity and Community (June, 2014)

International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry: AI Practitioner: Bridging Research and Practice: Appreciative Reflection: A Wide-­-Angle Lens for Changing Reflection (August, 2014)

Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education Editorial Board Member

2015 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa: Appreciative Reflection: A Wide-­-Angle Lens for Changing Perception (July, 2015)

Western States Communication Association Annual Convention
– Reviewer, Chair and Respondent (March, 2016)