Dr. Michael Mcanear

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Michael McAnear received a PhD in Germanic Languages from UCLA in 1994 and has served as Department Chair and also as Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences at National University. His research interests have included German studies, contemporary philosophy, and European politics. He has written about the Austrian writer Albert Drach, a Viennese holocaust survivor and also about B Traven, the mysterious German writer of the 1920s and 30s who wrote Der Schatz der Sierra Madre (The Treasure of the Sierra Madre). Additionally he has published 'Alienation and Right-Wing Extremism in Austria,' 'German Perceptions of Austria: Modeling Anti-Foreigner Sentiment,' 'East Germany: 15 Years After,' and ‘The Future Needs Tradition.’ He lives in San Diego where he was born and raised. His mother was German born, his father taught high school German for 25 years, and he attended school for a couple of years in Germany and Austria. He is married and has four adult children.

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