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Donald "D.J." Moores, Ph.D. is an author, editor, anthologist, and percussionist who joined National University in June of 2015 as an associate professor of literature in the Arts & Humanities Department. Bringing with him over ten years of full-time experience as a university professor, Dr. Moores is deeply interested in the intersections of literature, psychology, mythology, religion, and philosophy, approaching these subjects, in his courses and scholarship, holistically from a variety of critical perspectives. Inflicted with wanderlust, he has traveled to over 35 countries and even taught in China for a year. When he is not reading, writing, teaching, or meandering around the globe, he enjoys connecting with people through playing jazz-fusion and West African drums. He lives in San Diego with his beautiful wife, Tatsiana, and their cat, Bubba.

CRITICAL BOOKS: The Ecstatic Poetic Tradition (McFarland, 2014), The Dark Enlightenment (Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2010), Mystical Discourse in Wordsworth and Whitman (Peeters, 2006).

ANTHOLOGIES: (Ed.) Wild Poets of Ecstasy: An Anthology of Ecstatic Verse (Pelican Pond, 2011), (Ed. with James Pawelski, Adam Potkay, Emma Mason, Susan Wolfson, and James Engell) On Human Flourishing: A Poetry Anthology (McFarland, 2015)

EDITED COLLECTION: (Ed. with James Pawelski) The Eudaimonic Turn: Well-Being in Literary Studies (2012)

JOURNAL ARTICLES: Studies in Spirituality, The Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, The Edgar Allan Poe Review, Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion, Romanticism: The Journal of Romantic Culture and Criticism, Renascence, Studies in Spirituality and Studia Mystica

COURSES TAUGHT: E. E. Cummings, Walt Whitman, G. M. Hopkins, Emily Dickinson, British Romanticism, The Satanic School, Eighteenth Century Prose & Poetry, The Art of Poetry: Wordsworth & Whitman, Wild Poets of Ecstasy, Human Flourishing, Indian Bhakti Poetry, Sufi Poetry, Classical Mythology, The Jungian Shadow in Film and Literature, From Eros to Agape in World Literature, Great Books: Darkness in the Nineteenth Century, Critical Approaches to Literature, British Literature I, British Literature II, Literary Expressions of the Human Journey, Sacred Texts of the Wisdom Traditions, World Religion, Reading Texts in Context I, Reading Texts in Context II, The American Dream, Basic Composition, Freshman Composition, Introduction to Composition and Literature, Advanced Composition, Introduction to Literature, Critical Thinking & Writing, Foundations for Learning, Academic Written Discourse I, Academic Written Discourse II, Freshman Experience, and Structure & Origins of English.