PHL332 Religion of Islam

Lead Faculty: Dr. Ramin Sarraf

Course Description

This course will deal with religion of Islam and its cultural influence in Central and South Asia, Africa, and the Near East. The course will examine the roots of Islam since Mohammed and its practices, literature, social and political movements of Islam later on. The issue of gender, treatment of other religions, and current Islam will be of special emphasis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Islam is a diverse religion and its cultural influences can be seen in Central, and South Asia, Africa and the Near East.
  • Understand Islam has a diverse culture where practices differ from each geographic area.
  • Understand Islam is based in both Judaism and Islam
  • Understand Muslims respects other people's books of faith.
  • Understand Islam attempts to create gender equality.
  • Understand Islam is a Western religious tradition.
  • Understand Islam is compatible with modernity.