MCW650 Seminar in Creative Nonfiction

Lead Faculty: Dr. Colin Dickey

Course Description

Students write and critique each others' original work in a workshop-style format. Through presentation and critique of published and student-generated work, students will advance their understanding of the genre's many forms, including memoir, autobiography, nature writing, literary journalism, and the personal essay, while strengthening their own writing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate various aesthetic theories of literary nonfiction.
  • Formulate practical and theoretical models of teaching and learning the writing of literary nonfiction.
  • Critique specific works of literature in literary non-fiction.
  • Develop publishable-quality writing in literary nonfiction.
  • Evaluate different literary formats.
  • Implement craft principles of plot, characterization, style, point of view, narrative technique, and language in the creation of literary nonfiction.