LIT498 English Capstone Course

Lead Faculty: Dr. John J. Miller

Course Description

This course is designed as the culmination of the English B. A. program. Students will bring the skills in literary study, analysis, research and writing learned in the program to bear on an original work of literary scholarship. Students will also be given the opportunity to revisit and revise several papers written in previous classes in the major. This course is an eight-week Practicum. Grading is H, S, or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify aspects of their own writing that could be improved.
  • Develop a scholarly topic for research based on awareness of current scholarship in a focused area of literary studies.
  • Thoroughly research a focused scholarly topic or question.
  • Produce a substantial, well-written original scholarly paper on a focused scholarly topic or question.
  • Develop revision and editing strategies appropriate to such a paper to their own strengths and weaknesses as writers.
  • Assist others in revising such papers.