ILR260 Information Literacy

Lead Faculty: Dr. Christine Photinos

Course Description

A cross-disciplinary course that teaches effective report and research paper writing through the use of key computer technologies. Topics include library and Internet research; information organization, evaluation, and synthesis; MLA and APA style formats; and the use of document-production, spreadsheet, image-editing, and presentation software.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency in communicating information using a variety of software applications and other digital tools.
  • Navigate electronic library systems and the Internet to locate and use various interdisciplinary scholarly databases.
  • Design and implement effective search strategies within various Internet and library information-retrieval environments.
  • Critically evaluate information sources and information technologies.
  • Generate exploratory research papers and reports that incorporate visual elements (such as tables and charts) as formal modes of explication and validation according to proper business, humanities, and science formats.
  • Demonstrate awareness of ethical and social issues relevant to information technology, such as access, privacy, and intellectual property.