HUM501 Global Civic Culture

Lead Faculty: Dr. Daniel R. Thorburn

Course Description

Covers the relationship between knowledge and the interdependence of people and focuses on citizenship, change and the challenges of migration/immigration patterns, cultural shifts and transnational positioning in our global economy. Provides a framework for global citizenship, community-building, economic development, social responsibility and service.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the multi-dimensional self and the process of social interaction and the cultural factor.
  • Understand the civic culture within the context of citizenship as public work and the role of individual and collective citizen behavior.
  • Understand community visioning and action-planning.
  • Understand citizen empowerment through collaborative community building.
  • Understand political and economic dynamics associated with globalization.
  • Understand culture-clash and the paradox of nationalism in a world community.
  • Understand the impact of global issues on our daily lives.
  • Understand network-related, problem-solving activities that focus on global issues within selected geographical areas.