ENG655 Composition Pedagogy

Lead Faculty: Dr. Christine Photinos

Course Description

Prepares students for the practical and theoretical challenges of teaching English composition and other writing courses. Topics include process theory, cognitive studies, language and diversity, genre studies, and best practices.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and distinguish among approaches to composition pedagogy, assessing epistemological, rhetorical, and ideological assumptions.
  • Discuss and analyze scholarly articles on composition pedagogy.
  • Produce a critical review of scholarly literature on a specific idea in composition pedagogy.
  • Evaluate scholarly texts, indicating possible areas of further inquiry.
  • Construct a niche or position and enter scholarly discourse through composing of an argumentative paper with a strong claim.
  • Apply theory toward creation of practical class materials.
  • Critically examine various ideological and political stances on the role of English composition courses.