ENG620B Literary Period or Movement II

Lead Faculty: Dr. Franz J Potter

Course Description

Advanced, historically oriented study of a literary period, such as American Romanticism, or of a movement such as American Modernism, the Harlem Renaissance, or the Lost Generation. Variable topic selected by the instructor. (May not duplicate content of ENG 620A.)

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of the particular characteristics of, and similarities and differences between, the works of major authors of the period or movement.
  • Analyze the themes and conventions that inform the literary work of the period or movement, as well as historical, sociological, and biographical influences.
  • Appreciate and critique certain broad theoretical approaches to studying the literature of the period, particularly those offered by Marx, Freud, Saussure, Darwin, Einstein, and Nietzsche, and integrate these approaches (and others) in scholarly discussions of period issues.
  • Evaluate the complexities of canon formation.
  • Research relevant scholarship and integrate this research into original arguments that contribute to the ongoing scholarly discussion of topics within this period.