ENG620A Literary Period or Movement I

Lead Faculty: Dr. Franz J Potter

Course Description

Advanced, historically oriented study of a literary period, such as English Medieval, Romantic, or Victorian literature, or a movement, such as The Beat Generation. Variable topic selected by the instructor. (May not duplicate content of ENG 620B.)

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of the particular characteristics of, and similarities and differences between, the works of major authors of the period or movement.
  • Analyze the themes and conventions that inform the literary work of the period or movement, as well as historical, sociological, and biographical influences.
  • Evaluate various theoretical approaches to studying the literature of the period or movement (feminism, post-colonialism, new historicism, Marxism, psychoanalytical criticism, myth criticism, etc.) and integrate those approaches in scholarly discussions of period issues.
  • Evaluate the complexities of canon formation.
  • Research the relevant scholarship and integrate this research into original arguments that contribute to the ongoing scholarly discussion of a topic within the period.