ENG600 Seminar in Literary Theory

Lead Faculty: Dr. Franz J Potter

Course Description

Historical and current issues in literary criticism and theory with particular attention to developments of the last fifty years. Emphasizes both reading and writing literary criticism in order to develop vocabulary and skills necessary to participate in scholarly literary debate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Familiarity with issues and questions raised by literary theorists.
  • Familiarity with terms and concepts employed in the discussion of literary theories.
  • Familiarity with positions and arguments of important literary theorists and approaches from Plato to today.
  • Familiarity with the history and evolution of Western literary theory.
  • Familiarity with major schools of contemporary theory.
  • Ability to critique theoretical arguments and identify assumptions that underlie them.
  • Ability to identify the assumptions that underlie analyses or interpretations of works of literature, including our own analyses and interpretations.
  • Ability to apply different literary theories and interpretive approaches to the analysis and interpretation of specific literary works.