ENG403 Screenwriting Workshop

Lead Faculty: Dr. John J. Miller

Course Description

In a workshop setting, students will build on the skills learned in ENG 203 and 303 to draft and revise an effective full-length screenplay.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply a range of techniques of the craft of screenwriting, including building conflict, charting character arc, creating active protagonists, and telling a story visually.
  • Evaluate elements of the screenwriter's craft as these elements appear in both published screenplays and in produced films.
  • Apply the traditional three-act structure and its elements, including initial conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement
  • Create multi-faceted and complex characters, and be able to create effective dialogue.
  • Evaluate peer screenplays and provide constructive feedback with respect to dramatic premise, dialogue, action points, complications, subplots, subtext, reversals, character development, structure, climax, resolution, and unity of theme.
  • Apply the accepted format for screenplays, and demonstrate proficiency with screenwriting software such as Celtx or Final Draft.
  • Apply skills and concepts learned in this and preceding classes to the completion of a professional-quality draft of one half (45-50 pages) of a feature-length script.