ENG352 Origins of English

Lead Faculty: Dr. John J. Miller

Course Description

Examines the origins of language both within a person and within culture. Covers language acquisition and the history of the English language through its own developmental stages, including the evolution of standard American English and its major dialect communities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the major stages in the history of the English language.
  • Identify important historical and cultural influences on the evolution of standard American English as well as its major dialect communities.
  • Use the terminology of contemporary linguistics correctly.
  • Read and discuss essays on various aspects of linguistics from different perspectives and demonstrate understanding of these essays on written tests or in other writing assignments.
  • Identify and discuss issues of race, class, gender, and handicapped perspective as they are related to language acquisition, socio-linguistics, and psycho-linguistics.
  • Research a topic related to linguistics, language acquisition, or history of the English language, and write an essay that incorporates this research.