ENG203 Screenwriting I

Lead Faculty: Ms. Amina Cain

Course Description

An introduction to the writing of feature-length screenplays. Students will learn the elements, formatting, and conventions of successful screenplays, and will learn to produce complete plots and scenes. This course is designed to give students a basis for future personal creative work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze published and produced scripts for the purpose of understanding the major constituent elements of a traditional screenplay.
  • Identify the individual components of a successful screenplay, including the traditional three-act structure.
  • Employ proper screenplay formatting
  • Generate a compelling and coherent original plot of the level that would sustain a feature-length film.
  • Apply course concepts to produce a complete and compact treatment, which successfully conveys their script idea.
  • Apply course concepts to produce a successful and significant sample collection of scenes written in screenplay format.
  • Reflect critically on their own work and writing strategies in order to apply them to future personal creative work.