COM650 Legal and Ethical Issues

Lead Faculty: Dr. Federica Fornaciari

Course Description

Provides students with a clear understanding of the legal environment for public communications and the ethical considerations that must be taken into account. Examines international regulation of copyright and intellectual property protection and legal and regulatory provisions in the U.S. Teaches skills in assessing ethical risk and following ethical guidelines.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate and appraise the major theories used by the Supreme Court in deciding First Amendment cases.
  • Identify and discuss the major cases decided by the courts that have influenced media law jurisprudence.
  • Identify and explain the underlying ethical theories and guiding principles that apply to the media and mass communication.
  • Apply critical thinking to ethical problems.
  • Analyze the ethical norms of media organizations and the mass communication industry.
  • Debate and defend their position on each of the ethical questions in media discussed in class.
  • Develop and justify their own framework of ethical decision-making and outline the principles on which it is based.