COM615 Research Methods

Lead Faculty: Dr. Federica Fornaciari

Course Description

Presents fundamentals of research underlying communication campaigns and programs. Covers qualitative and quantitative methodologies, secondary research, internal market intelligence, and data analysis. Offers practical experience with techniques to identify and reach audiences and publics and to track results of campaigns. Teaches research strategies to develop communications that fulfill organizational goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize and evaluate the major quantitative and qualitative research methods used in strategic communications.
  • Formulate a research plan for a specific organization to identify and prioritize communication issues, including organization goals, communication problems, potential audiences and publics, and means for reaching key stakeholders.
  • Apply critical thinking to analyze the research questions and appropriate research methods to supply answers.
  • Formulate research plans that to support communication programs that will generate support from higher-level decision-makers within the organization and clients.
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Interpret research.
  • Write a research report that summarizes the findings.