COM610 Integrated Marketing Comm

Lead Faculty: Dr. Federica Fornaciari

Course Description

Covers IMC process for creating and fostering relationships with customers and public through strategically controlling or influencing messages sent to and exchanged with these groups. Course teaches effective integration of an organization's marketing communication initiatives. Through case analysis, students learn how IMC has become critical to marketing efforts.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the evolution of integrated marketing communication (IMC) and how it changes organizations in which it is adopted.
  • Describe and justify IMC guiding principles.
  • Identify and compare the research needed for planning, implementing, and evaluating IMC efforts.
  • Identify and estimate the value of customers and prospects.
  • Apply the notion of reciprocal marketer-consumer relationship.
  • Produce and present IMC plan.
  • Describe and discuss challenges faced by IMC integration in organizations.