COM430A Interactive Strategies

Lead Faculty: Dr. Louis E. Rumpf

Course Description

Examines the fundamental principles of communicating over the Internet to implement organizational objectives. Teaches use of the Internet as a marketing and persuasive medium. Students develop a new media communication campaign that includes traditional and digital media.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze best practices in digital interactive communication.
  • Formulate digital interactive communication campaign objectives.
  • Identify and specify stakeholders, audiences, and user communities.
  • Analyze strategies for digital interactive communication campaigns.
  • Devise media mix plan to fulfill digital interactive campaign objectives.
  • Compare the costs and benefits of email, SEO, RSS technologies, widgets, IM, social networks, paid search, and banner ads and other digital interactive elements.
  • Create digital interactive communication campaign plans designed to reach target audiences wherever they are on the Web, extending beyond the organizational website.