COM404 Media Management

Lead Faculty: Dr. Louis E. Rumpf

Course Description

In-depth study of topics in media management, including managing media enterprises and units, business practices, content marketing and distribution, and technologies such as content and media asset management systems, as well as distribution and delivery networks. Students learn analytical techniques necessary to weigh business strategies and technology choices in bringing a variety of types of media content products to market.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare communication and media management styles and evaluate their effectiveness in enterprises within the creative industries.
  • Analyze the economic structure of content industries and businesses.
  • Apply the principles of program development and creation.
  • Analyze business strategies underlying content marketing and exploitation.
  • Analyze audience measurement and activity across media platforms, including broadcast ratings, website activity, downloads.
  • Set benchmarks for measuring success across multiple screens, including first window, second window, after-markets and syndication.