COM324 Critical Thinking and Ethics

Lead Faculty: Dr. Louis E. Rumpf

Course Description

Examines critical thinking and ethics, and their application to academic, personal, and professional situations. Covers systems of logical reasoning, critical analysis, and evaluation of message content, including supporting evidence, and logical fallacies. Discusses the morality and ramifications of decision-making in media industries.

Learning Outcomes

  • Classify and describe systems of critical analysis.
  • Analyze deductive and inductive logic.
  • Distinguish and evaluate the source and bias of information.
  • Distinguish and evaluate types of supporting evidence used in argument.
  • Distinguish fallacies of reasoning and support in argument.
  • Analyze and articulate concepts of morality.
  • Appraise and critique the moral implications of arguments and decisions.
  • Characterize and compare common ethical dilemmas.