ART329 World Art

Lead Faculty: Ms. Annette Cyr

Course Description

This course approaches the fundamentals of visual and applied arts from a global perspective and provides an overview of non-Western art from ancient times to the present. Specific areas of focus are the art of South Asia and the Islamic World, East Asia, Pre-Columbian Central and South America, Native North America, Africa and Oceania. Students learn how to look at, appreciate, and critically think and write about art from the perspectives of a diversity of cultures and historical eras.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the artistic traditions of non-Western cultures around the world.
  • Explain the influence of religion on cultural expression in non-Western cultures.
  • Analyze fundamental concepts in the history of world art.
  • Evaluate cultural and historical issues through the lens of artistic expression as understood from a variety of global perspectives.
  • Analyze and critique works of world art on aesthetic and cultural grounds.
  • Analyze aesthetic values, power relationships, and diversity issues as they relate to the field of art history and criticism.
  • Apply knowledge of the specific artistic styles and modes of cultural expression exemplified in South and East Asian, Native North and South American, African, and Oceanic art.