ART315 Film as Art

Lead Faculty: Ms. Annette Cyr

Course Description

Survey of the art of cinema from the silent period to the present; examines film techniques and theories; explores film styles and genres, focusing on elements such as lighting, editing, and cinematography; establishes a basis by which students can make aesthetic judgments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the technical aspects of film. Students will be able to assess the various roles of the film makers, i.e. director, cinematographer, musical director, scenic designer, etc..
  • Understand that stylistic and thematic elements will be analyzed: montage, point of view, recurring motifs, plot, structure, characterization, narrative devices, and social values.
  • View films as texts to be interpreted.
  • Make comparisons/contrasts between films of different cultures.
  • Identify this course is designed to help students become more aware and confident in their ability to respond to a film's meaning, to encourage the student to explore films that illustrate different techniques and styles, and to help them develop the language and skills necessary to evaluate the various elements which define a film as a work of art.
  • Provide concrete descriptions and in-depth analyses of the cinematic techniques encountered in the movies. We will explore the filmmakers'; attempts to impact us artistically as well as expand our cultural awareness.
  • Write a substantive critical essay demonstrating the student's ability to read films as texts to be interpreted.