International Student Admissions

International Student Admissions, within the Office of International Affairs, is your comprehensive resource for information, advice, and assistance. You will be assigned an international student advisor, who will guide you through the enrollment process.

International Student Admissions provides guidance with:

  • Academic programs and English proficiency requirements
  • Completing an application
  • Preparing files for evaluation of foreign transcripts

In addition to having an advisor to assist you when you are in the United States, National University has international student educational consultants located around the globe. To review information in your native language, please choose from the following options.


To apply, visit How to Apply.

Year-Round Enrollment
With year-round enrollment, you can apply at any time and take classes throughout the year. Classes are taught in a one-course-per-month format, so you can easily get started right away.

Tuition & Fees*
International students are afforded the same tuition rates as domestic students.
Undergraduate Tuition and Fees
Graduate Tuition and Fees

English Language Program Tuition

English Communication Series (ECS)
For individual student or member of cohort 

  • ECS1900X - ECS1990X                         3-day program = $500 per term/per student
  • ECS1900X – ECS1990X                        5-day program = $750 per term/per student

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
For individual student or member of cohort

  • EAP1100X – EAP1600X                        $750 per term
  • EAP1700X and EAP1800X                   $1215 per term

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

  • ESP for individual student                   3-day program = $500 per term/per student
  • ESP for cohort                                       Contact:

English for Specific Purposes (ESP): Business English
For cohorts only

  • ESP: Business English                          1 term = $750 per term/per student
                                                                    2 terms = $1500 two terms/per student

English Communication & Culture (ECC)

  • For cohorts only                                   Contact:

*Prefix for ELP courses are changing with new catalog.

Application Fee
For a complete list of tuition rates, services, and fees, or to speak directly with an advisor, please fill out the contact form.

At National University, we are dedicated to providing global educational opportunities, and have developed the following merit-based scholarships for international students:

International Student Scholarship for Prospective Students
The International Student Scholarship is available to prospective international students at National University. Each applicant must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for consideration. The students selected for this scholarship will be awarded tuition reimbursement for 50 percent of the first four courses in their academic program.

International Student Leadership Scholarship for Current International Students
The International Student Leadership Scholarship is available to international students currently enrolled at National University. Each applicant must demonstrate extraordinary leadership in either academics or community service for consideration. The students selected for this scholarship will be awarded tuition reimbursement for 50 percent of two courses of their current academic program.

Learn more about additional scholarship resources for international students, or download our online scholarship application.

For a list of additional scholarship resources for international students click here.

Transfer Students
We also have credit transfer agreements with other accredited colleges and universities to help make credits transfer more easily saving student both time and money towards earning a degree. Plus, students can transfer in throughout the year.