What Your Gifts Support

Endowments: Endowment funds are those in which the principal is invested and kept in perpetuity. Only earnings or a portion of the earnings are used each year for the purposes specified below. Endowments are a key indicator of greatness.  They enable the University to remain on the cutting edge with its programs and technology, and ensure its financial sustainability.

Your contribution to National University endowments support the following:

Scholarship Endowment - Provides support to victims of domestic violence, military personnel and their dependents, and other need-based funding.

General Endowment - Supports special projects, new facilities and equipment, and new programs.

Library Endowment - Maintains the onsite and online library resources and ensures that they are both state-of-the-art.

Clum Charles and Gwendolyn Bucher Endowment for Faculty Scholarship Abroad - Provides opportunities for faculty to learn and teach abroad, and for foreign faculty to teach at the University.

Jerry C. Lee Endowed Chair for Technology and the Adult Learner -
Dedicated to technological innovations in the classroom.  In the past, the Chair was held by Robert R. Davila, Ph.D., a leading researcher and advocate for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Of course, you can also give gifts that are non-endowment, such as scholarship funding that is paid out within the same year. For more information, please contact the office of advancement and alumni relations at (858) 642-8095.