Course Auditing Discounts

Alumni can audit up to four courses on a space-available basis and with the prior approval of the course instructor. Courses may be audited for 50 percent of the prevailing tuition. Alumni are permitted to audit classes in any content area, provided they meet the eligibility and prerequisite requirements. Alumni who subsequently enroll in a given degree program will not be eligible to transfer the previously audited course(s) to that degree. They may, however, apply to have the content waived by the chair of the appropriate department. A waiver for the content does not, however, waive the unit requirement. Another graduate elective will need to be taken in its stead.

Steps to audit a course:

  1. Print the audit form and fill out the top section that says "to be filled out by alum."
  2. The current National University catalog may be viewed at
  3. Fax the audit form to the Department of Development and Alumni Relations at (858) 642-8748 or email the form to
  4. Alumni Relations will contact you when all appropriate parties have approved the audit form. This process may take up to two weeks.