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Student Testimonials

"When compared to other cities I have visited in the United States, I believe that San Diego is the best place to live. It is a beautiful city, and I feel comfortable here because there are a lot of other students here like me. Whenever I have a problem in class, my professors have been a great help. This is very important to me since we are foreigners in the U.S., and help coming from a mentor has major impact."

Zuhal Toksoz
Turkey, MBA

"There are many reasons why I chose to study at National University. One reason is having multiple campuses in California because it allows me to experience new environments. I am very grateful for all the support and assistance the International Office has given me. With their help, I won an internship, which enabled me to work and study at the same time."

Sumit Bhatia
India, BS Information Systems

"I chose National University because of its great reputation and creative environment. I really admire the University slogan, "The University of Values." Obtaining a MBA has been a long-term dream of mine. I have benefitted from experienced professors and students from many countries. In exchange, I have shared my knowledge of the banking industry with them. I look forward to when my father, Mohammed, sees me graduate from National University."

Adel Al-Najran
Saudi Arabia, MBA in Organizational Leadership

"Classes are personal, interactive and have a friendly atmosphere that encourages me to participate more. Another great aspect of National University is its superior technology. San Diego is a beautiful city. I live right across from the ocean and often go to the beach after classes or work. I have been surfing, snorkeling, and whale watching, and have visited Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and the Del Mar Race Track."

Victoria Lari
Peru, MBA

"While I was enrolled in National University's English Language Program, my teachers were really sincere and enthusiastic. After finishing my English courses, I recognized that my English was much better, and I really thank my teachers for that."

Gyunsook Yang
South Korea, English Language Program

"I like National University because the teaching faculty are well experienced. The campus library has many helpful resources, and there are very good computer labs. San Diego has great beaches and a lot great things to do in the city. I am very fortunate to work in the International Office, which gives me good experience and helps financially."

Ravi Kiran Meda
India, Master of Science in Computer Science

"My experience with National University has been excellent. My program in Healthcare Administration is quite challenging and demanding, but with the help and experience of the instructors, I find my courses really interesting. So far my experience with National University has been exciting, challenging and enlightening."

Ajay Kamboj
India, Master of Healthcare Administration

"I feel National University is the best. With each course lasting only one month, it allows much better concentration. I love the atmosphere of the University where the staff are very friendly. The San Diego climate is very pleasant. Thank you National University!"

Swetha Dodla
India, Master of Science in Computer Science

"I love San Diego a lot because it is a very neat city with a wonderful climate. I had a chance to move to another university in another city, but as I like this University and San Diego, I decided to stay at National University. All of the professors I have been with are very kind and gave me good knowledge about the subject."

Goutamchand Amith Jain
India, Master of Business Administration

"I arrived in San Diego in August 2006 and am currently studying the Master of Science in Computer Science. I applied for a work position with the National University, and was luckily selected by the National University Community Research Institute (NUCRI) for a Level 1, Technical Internship. This means I will be receiving a full tuition scholarship from the University to pursue my degree."

Rakesh Muraharishetty
India, Master of Science in Computer Science

"When I was applying for universities, I was looking for a good course work, diverse culture, the place, climate, and safety. I opted for National University. It's unique one course per month format helped to focus on one subject at a time and explore it. The course work is tailored to meet industry requirements. Experienced professors from industry provide unique approaches in dealing real time with situations/problems. The student services provided by the university enhances personality development and the social life through the campus activities gave a unique experience with the diverse student community. The services at National University such as the Career Center helped me in preparing for a job. From academics to social life, I had the best student life at National University."

Petla Dheeraj
India, Master of Science in Computer Science

"National University exceeded my expectations. Overall, my MA Human Resource Management program was impressive. Library Services at National University are exceptionally good. All the members of the staff are observant and responsive to the needs of students. A special or distinctive quality about National University is that professors across the schools are willing to help students from other schools. Hence, it has been a good academic experience while attending NU. Also, the fun-friendly activities and services offered by Student Services office for International Students helped me feel at home and inspired me to experience the gorgeous, friendly and sunny San Diego. I encourage students to ready to experience the quality educational provided by National University."

Polycarp Zanzy
India, Master of Arts in Human Resource Management, San Diego

"When I first arrived in the U.S., I arranged to stay with an American family. I am now in a homestay and the family I am living with is really great. They are so nice to me. I enjoy the food and have a good relationship with my "international family". I think homestay is very good for international students when they arrive. I highly recommend this option to all students."

Mr. Lin Zhang
P.R. China, Master of Business Administration