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Featured Programs

Technology and Engineering

Technology plays a large role in our everyday lives, and as organizations continue to adopt increasingly sophisticated technologies, those with technical expertise will have many more career options available to them. The School of Engineering and Technology combines hands-on learning with theory to provide students with the opportunity to succeed in today's technological global market place. Our faculty members not only hold graduate degrees from reputable institutions, they also bring years of industry experience into the classroom from organizations such as Northrop Grumman, IBM, and Qualcomm. This means that students gain real-world knowledge backed by sound theory that is applicable now and for years to come.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
A computer science degree offers a variety of exciting options, including software development, programming languages, algorithm design, robotics, and artificial intelligence, to name just a few. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science opens employment doors in industry, government, commerce, and education.
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
This degree is for those students who seek to gain specialized knowledge in the field of information systems. Course study includes data communications, systems analysis, system development, database administration, project management, computer forensics, health information management, and quality/information assurance.
Master of Science in Computer Science
Learn the aspects of solving complex computing and software development problems while developing essential communication skills. Specializations in advanced computing, database engineering, or software engineering are augmented by an understanding of computational models and logical problem solving skills.
Master of Science in Cyber Security and Information Assurance
This professional degree covers the use of technical and managerial measures to ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, control, availability and utility of the world's computing and information systems infrastructure.
Master of Science in Engineering Management
This degree is designed to bring the benefits of modern management techniques to engineers, scientists, and technologists interested in furthering their skills in engineering management. Unlike traditional MBA programs, this program combines management skills with the student's technical background and experience.