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Featured Programs

Digital Entertainment and Cinema

The School of Media and Communication combines several successful graduate and undergraduate degree programs in the burgeoning fields of digital cinema, video game production, digital entertainment, educational technology, digital journalism, and strategic communication.  The school is based in San Diego and has a large strategic presence in Los Angeles. Whether your interests include traditional or new media, the school will provide you with core instruction in media and communication theory, literacy, and production to prepare you for careers and advancement in a variety of high-growth markets.

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Design
Immersive environments, cinematic arts, computer animation, and web development are the new tools for communicating in business, marketing, education, and entertainment. This program provides you with the knowledge and skills to create websites, podcasts, video games, and digital films. You will receive hands-on training in leading software applications; as well as learn and apply development theory and practice for creating digital media. You will be given access to state-of-the-art studio facilities, game design labs and digital editing suites.
Master of Fine Arts with degree in Digital Cinema
This one-of-a-kind program provides an in-depth study of digital motion picture production and post-production along with a foundation in film history, theory, and screenwriting. The focus is on developing well-rounded filmmakers versed in all aspects of production and screenwriting with the ability to work on low-budget, independent, and documentary style filmmaking. You will gain real-world experience by working on projects including documentaries, dramatic sequences, and public service announcements. You will be equipped with editing suites in a modern studio to craft a professional portfolio.