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Civility in the Classroom: A Code of Classroom Etiquette

Freedom of speech and expression is valued not only throughout society but also, and particularly, in the academic setting. No more is this so than in the classroom. As a diverse community of learners, students must strive to work together in a setting of civility, tolerance, and respect for each other in an environment that does not distract from the mutual commitment to academic inquiry and reflection. To that end, the following code of classroom etiquette has been established.

  • When participating in class dialogue, no one monopolizes discussions to the exclusion of others, either in terms of time or opinions expressed.
  • Conflicting opinions among members of a class are respected and responded to in a professional manner.
  • No side conversations or other distracting behaviors are engaged in during class discussions or presentations.
  • No offensive comments, language, or gestures are part of the classroom environment.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices (notebooks excepted) are placed in the "off" mode during class time.
  • Children and pets (guide dogs excepted) are not brought to class.

Adherence to this code of etiquette will enable students to receive the most from their academic endeavors and should be seen as a regular and voluntary compact among faculty and students. Any infraction of this code, however, that is deemed to be materially or substantially disruptive of the learning environment is cause for removal of a student from a class or for student disciplinary proceedings.

Civility in the Classroom: A Code of Classroom Etiquette

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