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NSG336 Child-Bearing Family

Lead Faculty: Ms. Robin Faris

Course Description

Introduction to the unique needs of reproductive families during preconception, perinatal, postpartum, and neonatal periods. Foci include the tasks of pregnancy, biophysical and psychosocial adaptation to pregnancy and childbirth. Emphasis on use of current evidence supporting nursing judgment, safe practice and culturally competent care of patients and families.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret the collaborative role of the perinatal nurse in providing safe, quality care.
  • Compare and contrast obstetrical nursing care for low- and high-risk pregnancy, perinatal and neonatal care.
  • Differentiate normal from abnormal findings in the perinatal and newborn assessment.
  • Devise nursing care based on the assessment of the mother and newborn.
  • Synthesize current evidence and nursing judgment to create plans of care for the obstetrical patient and family.
  • Combine theories of diversity and cultural competence into care planning for perinatal patients and families.