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DNP840B Informatics Practicum II

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cheryl Ahern-Lehmann

Course Description

Continued practice experience with expert Informatics mentor. Continue to develop Informatics Specialist competencies, and complete learning contract goals. This course is 200 hours in length. Grading is by S or U only. This course is eligible for an IP grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop increasing competence, confidence, and independence in the role of Informatics Specialist.
  • Analyze critical elements necessary to the selection, use and evaluation of health care information systems and patient care technology.
  • Evaluate adequacy of clinical systems that support patient care, patient quality and safety, and support the operations of the clinical agency.
  • Track healthcare trends, predict futures, and recommend policies through the use of informatic tools.
  • Plan strategies for implementing evidence-based practice protocols in the healthcare setting.
  • Collaborate effectively with others to improve practice through implementation of evidence-based protocols.
  • Provide leadership and consultation in the resolution of ethical and legal issues within healthcare systems relating to the use of information, information technology, communication networks, and patient care technology.