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SSE610A Capstone Course

Lead Faculty: Dr. Shekar Viswanathan

Course Description

Focus on the application of safety and security engineering methods and processes learned through this program. Working in teams or as individuals under the guidance of their assigned faculty advisor, students select a research topic, and gather data. The duration of this course is one month. Course is eligible for an "IP" grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate critically safety and security system of a building, and a process.
  • Write a Masters level research project/thesis based on the findings that include all essential elements of a good safety and security engineering system.
  • Describe a specific research problem and/or an industrial/commercial case study.
  • Examine a comprehensive literature review relating to the study and methods used in the project.
  • Appraise sources of data for the analysis and gather and analyze relevant data.
  • Select, describe and use appropriate quantitative and analytical models for drawing conclusions.
  • Defend the project findings during oral presentation to faculty, class, and if applicable, to clients.