Specialization in Reading

Lead Faculty: Dr. Marilyn E. Moore

This four-course sequence is designed to meet the needs of teachers who already have a valid teaching credential, have two-years full-time teaching experience and want to attain a specialty in assessing student reading capabilities and provide appropriate reading instruction in response to those assessments (MAT 640C is the capstone course and replaces the general MAT 640 required for the Master of Arts in Teaching.)

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Show knowledge about theories and research related to effective reading and language arts instruction.
  2. Conduct individualized informal literacy assessments for struggling readers at early and intermediate levels, including English language learners.
  3. Prepare a Reading Specialization Field Study Proposal with recommendations for instructional interventions, based on individualized informal literacy assessments.
  4. Design and conduct tutorial, small group, and whole-class language arts instruction.
  5. Implement research-based theory, assessment, and instructional strategies.
  6. Utilize the ability to incorporate instructional technology into language arts instruction.
  7. Communicate plans for tutorial, small group, and whole-class language arts instruction to principal and other school personnel, including assessment-based rationale.
  8. Communicate results of individualized informal assessments to parents.
  9. Make decisions about what ALL students need to succeed (Social Justice).
  10. Portray a professional image, model integrity, and reflect continuously on actions and interactions.


Required Courses (4 courses; 18 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):

Candidates in the Reading Specialization are required to upload assignments in the Reading Specialization Electronic Presentation Portfolio.

Completion of the reading specialization may qualify candidates for a state of California Added Authorization in Reading. Upon successful completion, the candidate should contact their credential program specialist for information about applying for the California Reading Certificate Added Authorization. All courses must be taken at National University. No coursework is accepted from another university for this program and no substitutions are allowed.