National University

TED668 Multicultural Literature

Course Description

Emphasizes key issues, challenges and strategies for integrating multicultural literature into classrooms in a culturally proficient manner. Fosters reading for enjoyment and understanding and encouraging critical skills in selecting and assessing literature for multicultural learners.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key issues, challenges, and benefits of integrating literature from a variety of cultures into the classroom.
  • Describe the different genres and formats of literature used in education.
  • Describe the benefits of listening to stories, and understand the role of oral tradition in transmitting the culture, philosophy, and language of different peoples.
  • Compare and contrast the values reflected in children's and young adult multicultural literature and reflect on how that cultural understanding can help candidates better understand and teach diverse learners.
  • Use culturally representative and authentic evaluation criteria to select literature for classroom use.
  • Identify and select appropriate books for students at various levels that reflect the diversity of our world and that can be used throughout the curriculum.
  • Analyze and discuss the effective strategies and approaches to integrating literature into the classroom in a culturally responsive manner.