National University

TED667 Diversity and Change

Course Description

Designed to communicate the dynamics and challenges of educating our ever-increasing diverse population. Leads educators to explore and exchange ideas of what is important in the lives of students and teachers, the school community and society in the move toward transformative education.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast historical educational and political policies, societal norms and their effects on the educational and economic success of diverse populations.
  • Identify models of community, school and university efforts that positively impact schooling.
  • Identify and describe historical factors that privilege and marginalize educational success and failure.
  • Critique educational and assessment practices that marginalize and privilege students.
  • Conduct scholarly research on cultural, social, economic and cognitive issues in education.
  • Describe, analyze and reflect upon culturally responsive pedagogy and transformative teaching.
  • Reflect on personal experiences with privilege and marginalization and how that affects classroom teaching and learning.