National University

TED666 Cultural and Linguistics

Lead Faculty: Dr. Margot M. Kinberg

Course Description

Examine of the cultural, social, economic, and cognitive factors of language and its importance in social interactions. Development of the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to teach in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms. Analysis of language proficiency and understanding the variations found in languages.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe and reflect on the cultural, social, economic, and cognitive use of language including the use of dialects and non-standard forms of languages.
  • Describe the cultural, social, and economic factors that produce language varieties, code-mixing and code-switching.
  • Describe, critique and reflect on the major types of attitudes and behaviors towards language and language variations.
  • Apply sociolinguistic principles to the classroom and to materials used in the curriculum.
  • Model, teach, assess, and reflect on strategies for developing communicative competence.
  • Compare and contrast the interaction of language in the home, in schools, in the community and between cultures.
  • Evaluate and analyze the acquisition and learning of language and its use in social contexts.