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TED632 Content Area Curriculum

Lead Faculty: Dr. Lynne Anderson

Course Description

This course provides teacher candidates with the knowledge and skills required to design effective subject-specific short and long-term planning needed to assist G7-12 diverse learners in achieving state-adopted standards. Emphasis is placed on student learning and evidence. Four-hours of work in a G7-12 classroom are required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Design a variety of G7-12 content area standards-based, learner outcomes and assessment products engaging and supporting G7-12 pupils in developmentally appropriate learning. (MCA 1)
  • Analyze, revise, and align curricular elements and provide a rationale for your curricular decisions. (MCA 1)
  • Use G7-12 student learning information to design differentiated learning for the whole class and the five pupils. (MCA 2)
  • Analyze a series of case studies focused onandamp;#8212;a) P12 standardized assessments, b) formative assessment, c) summative assessment, d) student learning evidence during instruction, and e) evidence of student learning used for planning the next day. (MCA 2)
  • Use G7-12 student learning information to design a Unit Plan in a designated G7-12 content area for whole class and five focus pupils. (MCA 3)
  • Use feedback from two educators in your academic content area to revise and reflect the Unit Plan. (MCA 3)
  • Use G7-12 student learning information to design and analyze one learning plan for the whole class and five focus pupils. (MCA 4)
  • Teach a designed learning in a G7-12 content area classroom, collect student learning data, and analyze the data in a reflective approach. (MCA 4)